LR 12.60 truclient scripts are not working in LR 12.57 version


I have created the truclinet script in LR 12.60 but recently we have upgraded our LR licenses to 12.57. When we try to run the script in LR 12.57. It is throwing an error "The script you are trying to edit was created in a new version. Truclient does not support forward compabalitiy. Edit the script in the version in which it was created".

Do i need to re-create the script again or any settiings will help on this issue ?

Can someone help me on this issue ?



  • Verified Answer

    Hi Balsji.

    As you mentioned, you will have to create the script again using VuGen 12.57, this because LR only can open scripts recorded on previous versions., unfortunately do not support forward compabalitiy, only backward.

    Please let me know if you have any question or doubt, I will be glad to help you.