TruClient IE 12.02 script does not work in Performance Center 12.53

Do TruClient IE 12.02 scripts work in Performance Center 12.53?

I am trying to run a TruClient IE script recorded in Vugen 12.02 in Performance Center 12.53. The first request which is navigating to a URL is timing out with the following error -

t=00184999ms: Error -205177: ** 1: Navigate to http://sampleURL ** timed out       Snapshot Info [MSH 1 0]    [MsgId: MERR-205177]         [MsgId: MERR-205177]

Also in Run Time time settings (Performance center) the following message is displayed

This script protocol is no longer supported by Performance Center. You may still change its runtime settings and include the script in your test.


Is there a solution to make the script work in 12.53?



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