Set/get LR runtime settings from script


We have a requirements to run simultaneously the same script with different bandwidth speed for mobile project.

I found out that I can call the same script multiple times from the same Controller scenario, where each call has different runtime setting.

Can I get the setting from the script to split responce time by bandwidth speed?

Can we change Speed Simulation runtime setting from a script like we do it with Download Filters by using LR function?



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    Hi ,

    You should follow these steps:

    1. Create 5 different groups of the same script in Controller or Performance Center.
    2. Define different runtime settings for each. It cannot be controlled by script code only by run time settings
    3. If you wish to distinguihs between transactions you should:
    3.1 either rely on Group By group option in Analysis application
    3.2 or add a suffix or prefix to the transaction name based on the group name. This can be done by defining gropu name as a parameter in the script and concatenating it to each transaction.
    Either way you need to use a meaningful name in the group name.

    Good luck,