Which protocol to use?


I need to perform load testing of the following system:

There are 2 servers which communicate via HTTPS: the first one sends requests to the second every defined time period (let's say, each 60 seconds). The second one sends response (JSON). These two servers are part of whole system and performs some internal bussiness logic. GUI user can't connect to these servers.

How LR can help me? Which protocol to use? How to simulate the load?

Thank you in advance. 

  • Hi YakovM

    In the past I used HTTP.HTML protocl. I believe you can use the same Protocol even though you dont have any GUI by putting custom request.

    For these 2 operations you will have 2 URL requests that can be done in 1 script or 2 scripts. As you mentioned:

    Put the 1st url and ask them what is the success response so that you can put that as checkpoint.

    If u work in 1 script put the think time as needed and

    Put the 2nd url and ask them what is the success response so that you can put that as checkpoint.

    Example in Action Part:

    web_reg_find("Text=UnitHistory>", LAST);
    web_reg_find("Text=<ErrorCode>","Fail=Found", LAST);

    "Body={HTTP_Request_Body}",   // you dont need to give parameter for this, u can put directly in the body if you request has body

    Parameter file with parameter names:



    When you do this make sure if there are any custom headers you might need to add, you can check with app team they give.

    Kindly post here if this resolve your issue.






  • Thanks a lot for the idea.

    I'll try it and inform you.