LoadRunner is not able to capture mobile traffic while recording via LoadRunner proxy.


I am trying to record mobile application using "Remote Application via LoadRunner Proxy" option in Web-HTTP/HTML Protocol.

I have done following configurations before starting the recording:

  • Laptop and mobile device are connected to the same WiFi network.
  • In mobile device >> selected WiFi name >> proxy is set to "manual" with Host IP (VuGen machine IP)  and Port (LoadRunner Proxy Port i.e 8888).
  • In Mobile device, installed "proxyroot.cer" LR Proxy Certificate.
  •  When I started recording, I can see "HP.LR.ProxyRecorder.exe"  running under process name in task manager but nothing is been getting recorded in LoadRunner.
  • LoadRunner_Proxy_Error.png

Can someone help resolve this issue? I have tried this above steps using LR 12.55 & LR 12.60 with no positive outcomes.