Can the MI Listener be on the same Machine as the Controller IF it already works as a VUGen

Hi everyone,

I'd like to know if I can use my controller as a MI Listener AND a Virtual User Generator at the same time.


I know that we can use the Controller as the MI Listener if it's not a Load Generator/Injector (regarding to the doc).

But is there an issue if we already use the Controller as a VUGen ?

It's not mentionned here:

Injectors are on a different network, behind a firewall, Controller and VUGen are on the same machine in another network


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  • Hi again everyone,

    Just a little (and not very beautiful) up, I'm quite sure someone already face this problem or is actually running this configuration, I just would like to know if it's currently possible, before giving my VM requirements to the good team.

    Many thanks to anyone that can confirm or disprove my previous questions




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    I would not recommend installing MI Listener on the same machine as controller.

    the MIL is meant as a "man in the middle" module that bridges between the Controller and the LR Agent. it is best to install it on a dedicated machine (as specified in the documentation).

    though it may work, it may also lead to a meriad of problems in running the network properly.

    Vugen and Controller can Co Exists, as Vugen is "only" the IDE (Not to debase Vugen of course :-) ).

    Hope this helps,


  • Hi Lior,

    Thank you for your answer, I think It will be easier for me to fit your advice and the documentation recommendation.


    I face a problem here with a lack of IP adresses on the network where I have to make my tests (on so the one where I need at least the Load Generators)

    If I put the controller in another network, I think it will not answer my problem because of the fact it will add 1 use of an IP adress with the MOFW (Monitor Over FireWall) component, on the network with a lack of adresses (plus the 2 VM on another network, including the Controller and the MI Listener)


    I think I go beyond the scope of this question here, feel free to give your point of view on the problem, I will consider your answer as the good one and put this post as "resolved" by the end of the day.


    Thanks again,


  • Hi Arnaud,

    I think you are correct in your hypothesis.

    if you have the option to create maybe a VPN where you won't have IP problems, that may help. but if not, than what you're doing is the right course of action.

    Good Luck!