Manual correlation

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Can you please provide me the steps for manual correlation. 



    Here is one way to do manual correlation using the Web HTTP/HTML protocol. Note that different protocols may require different approaches to do manual correlation.


    You may find a similar way documented in the Loadrunner User's Guide or Loadrunner Best Practices documents contained within the HP Software Support site.


    Assume that you have a web application that based upon the information selected in the previous web pages, you need to make a payment of some amount. Since this amount will vary based on your previous web page selections within this application, you will need to manually correlate this amount  so that the correct amount will be specified when you replay this script using different values for the selections that were made in the previous web pages.


    In order to do this, you need to have a successful recording of one iteration of your Vuser script. Now find the place in your Vugen script that presents the page which contains the payment amount that you want to correlate.  Usually such a page begins with a Vugen command like web_submit_data(...). Once you find this page, you need to enable the Vugen Replay Layout view (View > Layouts > Replay layout) and then click on the Snapshot tab at the bottom of the Vugen window. Now click on the Vugen command mentioned above and then click on the Replay tab. Now click on the item under the PATH column that contains the payment amount you want to correlate. Be sure that the Http Data column is highlighted as well. Now click on the Response Body tab to view the data that is contained in the response. Within the data that is listed under the Response Body tab, highlight the payment amount you are looking for, and then RIGHT-CLICK that highlighted text. (Note that you can press CTRL-F tto use the Vugen Search facility to search the Response section.) At this point, Vugen should present a POPUP window which allows you to MANUALLY CORRELATE that particular value that you have highlighted.


    Note that Vugen will place the code that does the manual correlation immediately before the Vugen command  mentioned above.


  • Thank you  for the response , it was very clear. 

    But When i right click on the item i want t correlate, i dont see an option of manual correlation. should i make some changes in the settings?

    (PFA screenshot ,the options what i see when i right click on the item , that i want to correlate. Thanks for your response

  • Hi Team,

    I am encountering an issue while correlating a value in LR 12.56 for HTTP/HTML recording.

    I need to correlate DSRF Token but the value is not getting captured. Please suggest if anyone has encountered such issues.


    // DsrfToken/4234569|7dc9599395OPzk5UpLuYzDEiTsnRNf1I1TE|com


    I guess I am encountering issue due to pipe.Please suggest

  • Hi Sam,

    I suggest you to try with a more complex version of the parametrization function, like that one: 








    Let me know if this can help you with the problem,