Connection reset by peer Error


I am using http/html protocol and using loadrunner 12.01. I am using web level protocol and recording in Vugen . i am recieving connection reset by peer error Please help what can i do to overcome this error.

Action.c(44): Error -27778: [GENERAL_MSG_CAT_SSL_ERROR]connect to host "" failed: [10054] Connection reset by peer [MsgId: MERR-27778]

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    Request for is related to the compatibility settings in IE 11, and is made in the backgound by the browser. The reason for the error can be firewall/proxy settings in the executing environment, or more likely some problem with the certificates and SSL version used.

    But this call is done one time after each browser start and have no relevance for your test or your applications. The request can be removed without hesitation.

    br /ola

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