TruClient IE and IE Compatibility View

I have an application that requires the IE Compatibility View setting. On my PC with Vugen 12.03, the application works fine in the IE 11 browser outside of VuGen, when Compatibility View is set. However, when I try to record the application in VuGen TruClient IE, the browser there behaves as though Compatibility View is not set.

How do i set the TruClient IE browser in VuGen to IE Compatibility View?

  • Hello,

    TruClient IE does not support compatibiltiy view. TruClient requires at least IE9 standards mode since only starting this version/mode IE expose API's TruClient relies on.

    If the applications works in Firefox I suggest using TruClient Firefox instead



  • thanks for the quick reply, helpful as always. unfortunately the application does not work in the latest version of FireFox, either. is there a way to have TruClient Firefox run an earlier version of Firefox? if not, i'll need to go back to http protocol.

  • Verified Answer

    Sorry to disappoint you again. Firefox version cannot be changed for a given LoadRunner version since TruClient has C compoanents that are built with Mozilla SDK from that particular Firefox version. Changing the Firefox version will break TruClient as well.

    You can use LoadRunner 11.52 (if you still have a copy of it) where TruClient Firefox was built on top of Firefox 8.0.1.