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Hello All,

I am trying to record scripts od Webtop 6.7 with loadrunner 12.0.

I have applied web_get_int_property( HTTP_INFO_DOWNLOAD_SIZE ); function to get the size of exported document.

I have kept the function above a request which triggers the download of file.

The file size is 13 Kb, but when I replay the web_get_int_property( HTTP_INFO_DOWNLOAD_SIZE ) fucnction is returning around 14 Kb.

I want to know, if the above function provides the exact size of file or any value more than the file size.


Thanks in Advance.


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    Taken from the documentation: (lr_web_get_int_property)


    The size (in bytes) of the last download, including the header, body, and communications overhead (for example, NTLM negotiation).

    So it makes sense that it is slightly larger than the downloaded file.

    br /ola

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