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Loadrunner Professionsal Vugen Version 2022 R2

I have successfully installed Loadrunner Professional Version 2022 R2 (full installation) on a Windows 10 test system (WIndows Build 22H2).

As I stated in Loadrunner Professional Support Case 02502315,  the Parameter List Pop-up window (ie when you click on Parameters in the Vugen Solution explorer navigation panel) does NOT show the VALUE of ANY parameter that you may have created in your WebHTML-based Vugen script;

I have checked Entitlements and there is no PATCH available that goes on TOP of Version 2022 R2. Has anyone else seen this issue?

Note that that value of the parameter is there, and it can be seen if you click on the "Edit with Notepad" button OR the "Simulate User" button.

But it was surprising to see such a simple functional issue in this latest version of Loadrunner Professional.

  •   , I remember that I've seen this bug a few years ago, it is rare though (or this is new: I'm still on 2022R1). I think it had to do with the name of/number of/type of parameter(s) and when you added more parameters it was gone. You might also compare the *.prm file layout with an other from a correct VuGen script.

    I did not report it: I try to choose my support cases carefully.

    But good that you report it and lets see when it is fixed.

    EDIT: You will see no data in Parameter List when you do not end the file with an empty line, but this is only true when your file contains only a header line and ONE data line. You are also getting issues when the file is in UTF16 format.

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  • Can you please open a support case to investigate?