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How to clear loadrunner temps automatically ?

Can anyone suggest  how to clear the loadrunner temps automatically

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    I use a batch file to cleanup all kind of temporary results of LR on LRE, LGs etc. It is scheduled via Windows Task Scheduler once a day.

    The core of this batch file is, you can add more calls to forfile.exe with other paths to check:

    set LOG=C:\Temp
    set DAYS=30
    :: assume LR_PATH is set.
    C:\Windows\System32\forfiles.exe /P "%LR_PATH%\Temp" /M "brr_*" /D -%DAYS% /C "cmd /c IF EXIST @PATH\ ( echo %date% %time% DIR : @PATH & rmdir /S /Q @PATH 2>&1 ) ELSE ( echo %date% %time% FILE: @PATH & del /F  /S /Q  @PATH  2>&1 )" >>%LOG%\CleanUpLRE%DAYS%Days.log

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