Creation of actions in VuGen through script files or any other way of creating actions in VuGen

Is there any other way to add actions (rather than adding manually - right click on Actions and add) in VuGen. I tried adding an action file (Ex: NewAction.c) and updating ScriptUploadMetadata.xml file in the scripts folder but that didn't help (I am not able to see this action when I open the script). Basically I am trying to create actions in VuGen through some kind of automation.

  • , you have to experiment with with this. I did it as well in the pas. This is not documented and you are gonna reverse engineer the config files. It can be different with next version.

    Add an action, put it at right place and grep that name in all the files. It is not enough to add a new script to Actions, but you need to do also something with 'Runtime settings' -> 'Run Logic'.

    • Look to default.usp: Here the 'Run Logic Tree' stuff is defined.
    • Look to <project>.usr file: Here files of the solution are listed in various sections.
    • Forget the XML files. Those files can be removed from a LR solution without much consequences (I never upload XML files to my source repository).
  •  , thank you very much. So I am not alone in trying this :). I tried to reverse engineer and play with the config files as suggested. Did not succeed yet. Will post my if I make any progress. Thanks again!