LoadRunner cpu above 80%



We are trying to run a script created by VuGen with 10 users on Load runner controller.

We see the CPU of the machine reach 100% taken by the 10 FireFox processes.

Is this expected that load runner can't run with 10 users on single machine (machine is vmWare).


Another question - How does the controller give snapshot if it not really open browser ? Can I get these snapshot also when run in storm runner ?




  • What version of Loadrunner are you using?

    What protocol is the scripts?

  • Hi Hadar,

    from the description of your issue - I understand you are running TruClient FireFox protocol.

    Please state if this is 12.53 or below (and which version precisely)

    Note for future - always best to add the protocol and LR version when you post a question here :-)

    if this is indeed TC FF, you should understand that there are 10 instances of FF browser being spawned up (one per Vuser) - and although your system has 16G of memory, you did not mention how many CPU's it has - this can be part of your issue.

    your 2nd question - Controller does spin up a browser instance, simply without opening the actual browser window. I recommend reading the TruClient documentation located here 

    your 3rd question - snapshots are supported in StormRunner currently only for TruClient scripts. you can read more in this documentation part

    good luck,


  • Hi,

    Redarding the CPU reach the 100%. You can get the anwser from below document which i copy from Truclient help document.

    OpenCalculate the number of load generators

    Use the following method to determine the required number of load generators:

    1. Record a script using TruClient. For details, see step 5 of Record a TruClient script
    2. Replay a single Vuser in Controller and check the average CPU and the peak memory consumption of the mdrv.exe process by adding a counter for % Processor Time and Private Bytes.

    3. Based on your load generator hardware and the CPU and memory consumption of a single Vuser, calculate the number of Vusers per machine.

      Example: For example:

      Let us assume that each of our load generators has 8 core processors and 8GB of memory.

      Let us also assume that a single Vuser consumes 80MB of peak memory and 10% CPU on average for the specific business process.

      From a CPU perspective, if we limit the CPU consumption up to 70% utilization, we can have 7 Vusers per core processor (70% /10%). If our load generator has a total of 8 cores processors, 8 * 7 Vusers per processor equals 56 Vusers per load generator.

      From a memory perspective, the load generator machine has 8GB memory of which 7GB is available for the Vusers so approximately 87 Vusers per load generator machine (7GB / 80MB).

      Therefore, to meet both the CPU and memory capacity limits, we use the lower number of Vusers and we calculate that for this business process, we can run approximately 56 Vusers per load generator.


      Copy from http://tchelp.saas.hpe.com/en/12.53/Content/TruClient/procedures/_tc_t_how_to_calculate_load_generators.htm

  • Hi,

    The computer is vmWare  with Windows Server 2008 with 2 CPU (attach machine parameters)

    The LR version is 12.50.

    Is there any other way to run it in different protocol without browser?

  • Hi,

    Please try to use the "Convert to Web" button (see attached image) and to convert the TruClient script to Web protocol script.
    Also you can add the lr_think_time(5); strings in the script to make the load on Load Generator less.
    In Controller please be sure that think time is enabled in runtime settings.