LoadRunner cpu above 80%



We are trying to run a script created by VuGen with 10 users on Load runner controller.

We see the CPU of the machine reach 100% taken by the 10 FireFox processes.

Is this expected that load runner can't run with 10 users on single machine (machine is vmWare).


Another question - How does the controller give snapshot if it not really open browser ? Can I get these snapshot also when run in storm runner ?




  • Hi Hadar,

    from the description of your issue - I understand you are running TruClient FireFox protocol.

    Please state if this is 12.53 or below (and which version precisely)

    Note for future - always best to add the protocol and LR version when you post a question here :-)

    if this is indeed TC FF, you should understand that there are 10 instances of FF browser being spawned up (one per Vuser) - and although your system has 16G of memory, you did not mention how many CPU's it has - this can be part of your issue.

    your 2nd question - Controller does spin up a browser instance, simply without opening the actual browser window. I recommend reading the TruClient documentation located here 

    your 3rd question - snapshots are supported in StormRunner currently only for TruClient scripts. you can read more in this documentation part

    good luck,


  • Hi,

    The computer is vmWare  with Windows Server 2008 with 2 CPU (attach machine parameters)

    The LR version is 12.50.

    Is there any other way to run it in different protocol without browser?

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