VuGen Reply is not working


We develop some scripts that were run OK.

Now when we try to run on them on machine it doesn't start the reply (also not from the development script).

On other machine is works OK.

Restart didnt help.

What can cause this issue ?



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  • Hi
    Just so I understand, when you choose a different browser from the drop list other than fireforx, the development screen does not open?
    The fact that it sometimes stops indicates a deeper problem in the machine (in my opinion). I suggest to open a support case as I think deeper debugging is needed.
    Good Luck,
  • Hi,

    It sounds like there are 2 issues, one when opening the script in VuGen and another one when opening the browser after clicking on Develop Script button

    Please follow these steps to troubleshoot the issue that occurs when the script is opened in VUGen

    1. Close all instances of VuGen

    2. Delete the following files/folders from the script directory: ThumbnailsCache.tmp, resultSnap, results, data

    3. Move the script to be located under a shorter path (in case it is located now in a relatively long one)

    4. Try to open the script. 


    1. Copy the firefox folder from <VUGEN_HOME>\bin to C:\Temp

    2. Check the properties of firefox.exe located under C:\Temp\Firefox

    3. What is the version of the browser?