June 8th and 9th - Ask the Performance Engineering Experts: LoadRunner focus

Attention performance engineers, developers, devtesters, SREs, SDETs, and everyone else participating in the performance engineering process! On June 8th and June 9th Micro Focus Performance Engineering Product Group, will be hosting an “Ask the Expert Days” and this time it is focused on the LoadRunner Family: LoadRunner Cloud, LoadRunner Developer, LoadRunner Enterprise and LoadRunner Professional.

This is a fantastic opportunity to connect directly with experts on the domain, get your questions addressed, start a topic discussion, provide feedback, learn and interact with the performance community. Together we are the largest and strongest performance community in the world!

We will have representation from product management, R&D, solution engineering, customer success, professional services and marketing – you will be able to connect with all and chat about your inquiries and any open issue you might have.

We are a distributed team, we will have experts joining us from all over the world: Costa Rica, United States, Israel, Romania and China. Experts will be online during the entire duration of the event: 48 hours!

So, please come and ask the experts! We are prepared to address topics including but not limited to:

  • Business: licensing and packaging, roadmap, ERs and timelines.
  • Scripting: ALL the protocols, recording, replay, code generation, parametrization, correlations and customizations.
  • Execution (on-prem and cloud): timeslots, scenario design, test runs.
  • Load Generators on-prem, cloud, virtual, physical, dockerized, Windows vs Linux.
  • Analysis offline and online, anomaly detection, reports, templates, trending.
  • Monitoring with proprietary and third-party tools.
  • All integrations: source control management, APM, CI/CD, NV, SV, UFT and more!
  • Architecture of the products, installation, configuration, migration and optimizations.

How does it work?

Very simple:

  1. Mark your calendars for June 8th and June 9th and prepare your questions and topics to be discussed with the Performance Engineering Experts.
  2. Register and have your profile ready in the community  (you will need to be logged in to participate)

If you have not registered for the community yet, please follow the steps outlined here and register today.

That’s all, you will be all set to participate in the Ask the Experts Days!

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