No valid license

Hi all,

I've the HP loadrunner community installed with 50 free users, when I launch the controller, I've the message :

"There is no valid license , to renew ......  contact cutomer support"

I tried the commande with th LRWrapper.dll but it don't work.

Please help me



  • another thing: when I launch the license utility, it mention that the "license module was not properly installed"

  • Hi,

    It looks like register configuration problem or missing dependency dll issue.


    First, could you check if file C:\ProgramData\HP\LoadRunner\data\LRKey.txt exists on your machine? If the file does not exist, is there any error/warning popped up during LR installation?  

    Second, can you provide the log after launching LoadRunner license utility?  Below are steps to get the log with process monitor tool:

    1. download tool Procmon.exe  from internet
    2. launch Procmon.exe  and set filter with process name contains LRLicenseUtility
    3. Try to launch LoadRuner license utility
    4. Save Procmon log and attach it here

    I upload a snapshot about how to set filter in process monitor