test DB requests


I want to test a DB request, and use as connection Url in the form: jdbc:oracle:thin:@server:port/folder 

with a login and a password

how can I use the lr_db_connect  function ? what should I put in:

  • ConnectionString=Data Source=
  • ConnectionType=

how do I specify the login/password in lr_db_connect 

what are the different possibilities ?




  • Hi Fred,

    When you want to use the lr_db_connect() function, you are working from a C-based script. Just type in the function name in the script editor of VuGen, put the cursor on the function and press F1 to get the help. Check out the examples. Note their is a wizard to fill in all parameters for a database connection.

    You will note that one of the arguments is 'ConnectionType'. JDBC is not listed as one of the connection types. I guess you need to install additional software to be able to make a connection to oracle (client libraries).

    When you use a Java language based script, you can put all the needed jdbc jar files in your class path and program your database access layer as usual.

    Success, Erik

  • Hi,

    thanks for your answer, but if I have the server name, the port and login/pwd can I user lr_db_connect() without using the jdbc Java class ? (for example with ODBC, or ORACLE as connection type ?)

  • Please consult the function help of lr_db_connect(). It points to the Add Step Dialog. You can fill in your connection information and can test the connection to your database.

    I think that only for Java there are type-4 JDBC connectors (so no native installation). When using C scripting you need to install oracle client libraries as well before you can use ODBC or ORCLE type of connection.

    Next to the four items you mentioned you need to know the database or the service-name (oracle listner) to connect to as well.