Error while creating/replaying Loadrunner script 12.02


I am getting below error when trying to replay loadrunner script,any pointer to fix this.

Using Web Protocol, VuGen 12.02

Error -26628: HTTP Status-Code=403 (FORBIDDEN) for "'Quick Links')/getitems" 

  • Hi,

    Have you tried to reply the script with WinINet option in Run Time Settings/ Internet Protocol/ Preferences?


  • Hello

    Without further information this is only a guess.

    Use web_set_user to provide the required credentials for the web site


    1. Web Site is internal.
    2. Organisation is using / implemented (Single Sign On)

     NOTE: web_set_user will not work for all security communications. Read the LoadRunner help file for more details.

    Use a proxy server and check the first communication. What HTTP code was returned?

    If SPAGO is used then the first HTTP request will be FAIL. This causes LoadRunner to stop execution.

    If SPAGO is used then you will need to control LoadRunner error handling manually to prevent the LoadRunner from stopping.