TrueClient- Web in Linux

Good morning, I'm using Load runner to generate automation script. I do them in Local in windows machines but the idea is to pass them to a linux server to be executed in that machine. I have several scripts already generated, and now Click in "test for linux compatibility " gives me an error. Can I run these scripts with the trueclient-web protocol in linux?

  • Hi, ilanas,

    TruClient protocols do not currently support replay on Linux OS.

    Note that in "Test for Linux Compatability", the error message is: "The protocol TruClient - Web is not supported in Linux "



  • Thanks Edo, that's what I was afraid of. One question, if I modify the script to the HTTP / HTML protocol with the "convert script to web HTTP / HTML" button, would it work or would it have an impact? Would any failure? Thanks for everything.

  • If you convert your TruClient script into a Web - HTTP/HTML script, the resulting script may support replay on a Linux machine. You can use the compatibility test tool to verify this.

    Please note that the resulting script may not have all the functionality it had in TruClient (dynamic object selection, custom logic etc). Additionally, some extra work may be needed on the resulting script, such as correlation and parameterization.



    One last thing, I do not want to do load tests with these scripts. I just want to run them and see if they finish correctly. I mention it to you because when doing the conversion to HTTP / HTML and test the compatibility puts me "you can run this script on a linux based Load Generator". But I do not want to run it in controller or anything like that. I just want to launch it and reach the end with passed result.

  • Web - HTTP/HTML scripts are run the same way as TruClient scripts.

    Performance testing scripts run on a software called Load Generator, which can be installed on Linux machines.

    Running scripts from VuGen or TruClient Standalone Launcher is only possible in Windows.