How to execute Oracle statements apart from Select, Insert, delete and update using Lr_Db ?


I am trying to script few of the Oracle statements using Vugen Webservice lr_db_(*) statements.

I am successfully able to execute all the Select, Delete, Update and Insert statements but I am unable to execute any other statements like Variable email CHAR.

I want to create few bind variable using Vugen script. PFA.

Please let me know your suggestions.


  • I expect that the LR DB interface is not the same as oracle's SQL*PLUS interface that supports pl/sql. You might try to define functions or procedures to cover your oracle code and call them via LR's DB interface.

  • Hello Remmelzwaal,

    Thanks for your input.

    I am also trying for a solution similar to what you have suggested. Currently, I am able to write a procedure which does the Oracle code job but the only way to execute a procedure is to use EXEC command.

    Can you please let me know what Lr_DB funcations can be utilized to call the funcations/procedures in LR Vugen.

    Thanks in Advance!!!

  • The LR api is very limited the only function you can use is lr_db_executeSQLStatement().

    Note: when you only what to script Oracle access and use some lr_* functions, you might consider to use Java Vuser script an use oracle's jdbc jar file. You need slightly more code but have more control on how oracle is accessed. The lr_db_* API seems to work with resultssets, that implies (imho) a client side cursor and that migth be difficult when you want to loop over large tables.