PC 12.01 patch 01 - add Linux LG'ors - how to get equivalent to LR patch 03

Dear community,

We currently have a PC v12.01 patch 01 configuration that is entirely Windows based, that is : ALM, PC Servers, Controllers and Standalone LoadGenerators have a Windows OS.

We read that in combination with a Windows based controller one can use also Linux based LoadGenerators.

Our current Windows based Standalone LoadGenerators are on version 12.01 patch 3 (patch 3 = LRLG_00087), so the basis PC Standalone Application LoadGenerator v12.01 installable with on top LoadRunner patch 3 applied .  This works fine together with version 12.01 patch 01 on the ALM platform server, 12.01 patch 01 on the PC Servers and 12.01 patch 01 on the Controllers.

My question now : if we want to install & hook up to the above described configuration some Linux based LoadGenerators, how to get a compatible patch version on these Linux machines ?  I only find Linux installables for the basis LoadGenerator 12.01 version but no patches for these Linux based LoadGenerators (they are available for Windows based standalone LoadGenerators) ?

Thank you for your feedback on this.