Check for successful logout (SAP GUI)

We have a SAP GUI script which logs in to the SAP box and executes SM50 after logging in. It tnen performs the logout via /nex.

Is there a way to check if the probe was able to successful execute the /nex?




  • Hello,

    First thing, why do you want to check the logout?

    Second, instead of doing /nex, try to close by clicking close button on top right. In this way you will get addition pop which ask "if you want to logoff Yes or No". Based on that window, you can do string comparison and able to validate the logoff.


    Good luck.

  • Hello,  nik_0315000.

    I am trying to check if it was able to successfully logout because there was instance where it was not able to which caused perfomance issues to the system due to the sessions not being released.

    Thanks for the suggestion!