LoadRunner 12.01 Released!

We are pleased to announce the release of LoadRunner 12.01. This release provides improved stability and multiple enhancements.


Support for load generators on the cloud

  • Ability to run tests on load generators on HP Cloud Compute

Enhanced SSL security

  • Improved support and enhanced usability for SSL security, including the latest version of OpenSSL, 1.0.1h, solving all known security issues, such as Heartbleed and SSL/TLS MITM

Improvements and added features in VuGen

  • Ability to disable snapshot creation during replay
  • Ability to add extra files to parser list and extract steps from extra files
  • Ability to configure Enhanced XML view
  • Ability to create a Web correlation from the Replay snapshot

Protocol enhancements

  • Multiple stability and usability fixes
  • Support for replay of ODBC protocol on Linux-based load generators

Analysis improvements

  • New graphs for WebSocket messages and connections
  • Reduction in HTML report generation time

New supported technologies and platforms

  • Support for Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows 8.1 support
  • Support for latest versions of NUnit, Jenkins, and Selenium
  • Support for Linux load generator on SUSE
  • Changes in supported Linux distributions
  • Integration with latest HP product versions

Improvements in Virtual Table Server (VTS)

  • Ability to monitor VTS changes from administrator user interface

General enhancements

  • Enhancements to the Linux load generator installation
  • Usability improvements in VuGen, Controller and other LoadRunner applications
  • Enhanced Citrix documentation, providing updated and streamlined documentation on setting up your Citrix environment and testing Citrix applications

Mobile license bundle

  • Addition of a custom license bundle for testing mobile applications, including the Mobile Application - HTTP/HTML protocol, TruClient Ajax – Mobile protocol, and SMP protocol


For full details, check out the readme and the product documentation.


LoadRunner 12.01 is a complete installation package, that includes all LoadRunner 12.00 and LoadRunner 12.00 patch 1 content.


The full package, including all distributable components, can be downloaded from My Software Updates portal after signing in with your HP Passport.

You can also download the free LoadRunner 12.01 Community Edition from http://www.hp.com/go/loadrunner


You can now also purchase online a LoadRunner Virtual User Days license, within minutes! Click here to purchase LoadRunner Virtual Users Days.


We are pleased to bring you this important release. 

Thank you for choosing HP LoadRunner!