TrueClient vs. Web HTTP protocol

Hello there,

I have been using LR Web HTTP protocol for years for our application.  I wanted to start using TrueClient because of it's scripting simplicity.  But the response time I am getting with TrueClient is much higher than HTTP protocol.   For example, average sigin-lin response time in HTTP is 2 sec where TrueClient would be 10 sec - keeping the same environment and conditions.  Why it's different in TrueClient?  Is it my configuration or that's the way TrueClient works?  

I would appreciate your experienced opinion with explanation.

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  • Hi,

    I have not used TrueClient before, but one thing I do know is this:

    True client executes the client-side requests (javascript, css) where HTTP protocol does not.  So, more functionality and more requests will always result in a longer response time.

    Can't really give you much more detail, sorry.  But that's the high-level reason why you're experiencing slower response times...



  • The way LR communicates with the server varies. Web HTTP/HTML communicates using transport layer whereas TruClient communicates using object layer. Running with 1 Vuser in TruClient is equivalent to, opening a browser instance and performing actions. But in Web HTTP/HTML, the communication is at the transport layer.

    TruClient protocol apt for the application which is built using modern web stack such as AJAX, React, Angular etc. 

    Your response time is varying because there is a chance that your Load Generator is a bottleneck. E.g. running with one vuser in Truclient yields 5 seconds response time, if you run it with 3 LGs, it might yield 2 seconds. 

    You need to calculate how many LGs are required for your test by calculating the threshold of CPU and Memory limit in your LG machines and your browser instance. Please check in LR help for more details.

    Good luck.

    Happy testing.