Unable to launch Oracle Forms applet from LR12 using Web(HTTP/HTML) Oracle NCA multiprotocol

Hello everyone. I'm facing some issues while recording an Oracle Forms(11g) application. This application has a web frontend which launches an applet.The issue is that vugen 12 is not launching the applet frm the web front end. I'm however able to manually access the application on the Win8 machine on which LR is insalled with no issues though(!).

I'm recording using Web(HTTP/HTML) Oracle NCA multiprotocol. And I should also mention that the web requests are getting recorded properly but isn't of much significance to the business process.What I'm trying to achieve here is to record the Oracle Forms applet launch and all the subsequent NCA actions into the script.


On investigation, I found that there are some .crl (revocation lists) files that are called just before the applet launch( checked through Fiddler), but these .crl files are no getting recorded in the web script. Are these .crl files mandatory for the applet to launch in the browser? Nevertheless, I've also added the LR WCAPlus_expiration2022 certificate into the 'Trusted Certification Authorities' under Java Console. But none of this has helped so far.


Any help would be highly appreciated.


Details below-

LR version 12, Win8
JRE 1.7_0_45
Java plugin
Oracle forms version 11.2
Oracle application server 11g