Error -26630: HTTP Status-Code=401 (Unauthorized)

Hi All,

I am recording an application in Vugen 12.53with Web http/html protocol. When i replay the script I see the error HTTP Status code = 401 (Unauthorized). I have tried multiple options as listed below, none of the solutions worked for me. Please kindly help me.

1. Recorded script in web http/html and oracle web protocol, and also tried with htmll and URL mode.

2. Added web_Set_user(user id, pwd, host);

3. Used web_Set_sockets option

4. Correlated the dynamically generated Security Token.

5. Tried replay in winlnet replay instead of sockets

6. And i have checked that my application is not using Kerberos Autentication.


Please let us know what else can be done to resolve this issue.

  •  Hello,

    401 means the server requires authentication but failed.

    You should turn on extended log and check in the replay log:

    The “WWW-Authenticate:” header in server to client response indicate which kind of Authorization the server requires.

    And the “Authorization:” header in client to server request contains Authorization data.  

    This will show you direction on what’s going wrong.

    Then you can try the options in “RTS->Internet Protocol->Preference-> Authentication” to see whether it could solve the issue 


    Bingle(LoadRunner R&D)