Saving LR script in ALM: how to include parameters file?



I save my LoadRunner script in QC/ALM.

It works fine, but I have declared a parameter in my script whose data list is in a file. This file is not saved with the script in QC/ALM, so if I open the script on another computer (the script is loaded from QC/ALM), the parameters file is missing.

How can I save this parameters file with my script in QC/ALM?





  • Hello Stéphane,

    When you try to save the script on ALM, you have two options, one is only to save only the "runtime mode", which copies only the files needed to replay the script. And the other one is "All files" which copies all of the files associated with this script.

    Now, the .dat should be inside of the entire script folder and you need to save the script as "All files" , so here you will have all the files from your script including the parameters.

  • Hello,

    You do not have to upload all files. runtime files is enough. You just need to make sure the parameter data file is located in the script directory and not outside of it. Make sure the data file is properly seen in the parameter dialog after moving it back to the script folder



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