Replaying Script on different IE version


I have an application which requires IE 8 for some pieces of functionality. 
I have access to a windows 7 machine with IE8 for recording. 

However the load injectors I have are running windows 2012 R2 and have IE 11 installed. 

Will the script which is recorded in IE8 replay OK on IE11?  

Running LR12.50


  • First of all it is denpenent of the protocol used.

    If Truclient it will (most likely) NOT WORK, as it runs the actual browser.

    If Web HTTP/HTML it will (most likely) WORK, as it just replays the http-trafic sent by the browser.

    But then there is the requrement for IE 8 that the application has, that can be a trouble. If the requrement is just because the rendering gets wrong in other browsers, then it will be ok. You can even set the browser version to identify as, in the runtime settings. If it is because a third party addon needs to be present and is used, then it it is much more unlikely to work.

    br /ola

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  • Thanks for your response. 

    Yes it is HTTP protocol, not aware of any plugins that are needed so its just rendering that is the problem. 

    This gives me enough confidence that this will work. I will try it in the next couple of days and feedback.