Text tab not working for certain scenario..


Im using, HP Virtual User Generator 12.53 version. My script recorderd the logins. After login passes, there is a text box and a combo box in the next screen. Once I enter a value in the text box, based on the value corresponding set of values populate in the combo box. Here I need to say OK and and move on to next screen.

But, the issue is for some logins, after the tab out in the text box, the combo values get populated and for some logins the tabout not happening and no value gets populated in the combo. Hence throwing an error.

The same scenario, with the logins which is not working, working good in Automation/manual way. Using VuGen, I habe this issue with certain ids. (Note: The ids which are working are developer ids.)

  • Try to isolate the issue.

    • Open the application manually in compatible browser
    • Bring up the developer tools
    • Open the Network tab and start tracing the requests.

    After entering the text, see what's happening between client and server. You might be able to create custom request or extract the value from the response and pass it to the combo box. 

    During load testing if the script fails, try to add think time between the steps. Please post your anlaysis :)