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[Truclient] How to parameterize an Object Name/Path?



I am using LR 11.52. I am having some trouble trying to parameterize an Object request. I want to select a gridcell object based on the content it contains. i.e. I have a grid filled with names, I want to randomly select a corresponding name from a parameter list I created, and have Truclient click on it. My problem is, I can't get the request to work.


Right now, I'm simply storing a value from my parameter list in a variable using Evaluate JS:


 Then, when I get to the step where I click on my gridcell, I use JavaScript to replace the text in the Object section, like so:

evalXPath("//td[text()=\"" window.myGlobalRep "\"]");

 When I do this however, I get an error stating "target object was not found." I have checked to make sure that my parameter list is working correctly, window.myGlobalVar definitely is assigned a value. I'm guessing my request syntax is incorrect, but I have checked a few times already, and I don't see an issue.