LoadRunner community 12.50 installation issue.


Whent I install LoadRunner eveything goes smoothly until I reach a screen prompting me for details of a certificate (screenshot attached). From the dialog box, I am guessing that the default is to create a certificate for me, but if I click next, I get an error saying "The path of the CA certificate file must be not empty". The buttons next to filename input fields, seem to be designed to select a certificate, rather than specify a directory. Either creating a name for a new certificate, or even pointing the installer at a certificate I have generated manually with ga_ca_cert.exe in the bin directory... doesn't seem to work.

I can complete the installation by unchecking the "Specify a certificate" checkbox... However once complete, I get a warning that there is no valid license.. I have followed articles here, that detail problems with LR.pd. I have copied over a new LR.pd file, from the setup folder and also from a post on this forum but that hasn't made any difference.

Anyone got any suggestions on what I am doing wrong here?


  • Hi,

    Putting the certificate is option , you can do it later or do it after the installation or you dont do this at all. That should not cause any problem for the LR installation.




  • Thanks. I won't worry about the confusing certificate dialog box.

    So I guess my question is: How can I "get past" the "There is no valid license error"?



  • FYI... If anyone ever stumbles across this post... I never did get around that error, on that machine. I was attempting to install on my corporate laptop (win 7, 64 bit), to get familiar with the software. I have local admin rights and actually I am domain admin (through position rather than competance in AD!). Whatever I did... I never was able to get the community edition installed with a license.

    I got a fresh test vm setup in one of our Data Centres.... running Server 2012 R2. I took the same LoadRunner installer and it ran without issues, resulting in a licensesd, functioning LoadRunner environment. That is a more realistic environment for me to be running in anyway... so I gave up on the original install.

    I suspect some AD policy, in our corporate environment, or perhaps security technology, prevents LoadRunner installing correctly in the corporate environment... with the installer failing with a misleading error message.... but as I say... I never did bottom it out so can't be sure.