Ajax True Client protocol not waiting for a transaction to complete

Hi Team,

When we ran a ajax true cleint sript in VUGEN mode, it is not waiting until the transaction to complete and we are getting the response times as 0.0002 seconds and in manual check it should be  ~5 seconds.

We inserted Wait for Object and Verify functions to control the transactions response times and still we are facing the same issue.

Please help us like are we missing some thing here to insert in the functions. Please help ...



  • Hi,

    Can you please describe how many steps do you have under the transaction context and what is the end event of the steps?



  • Hi Shlomi,

    Thanks for the reply and here is the discription about the transactions::

    There is only 1 step and we inserted one check point and the end event of the step is "Step Synchronous Network completed". We tried with the options Action Completed and Step Network Completed but we are getting the response times as 0.0002 (Actual is ~5 Seconds) seconds and this tool is not waiting to complete the transaction and simply progressing with the next transaction. We also tried with DOM COntent Load end event and this is taking too much time to complete the transaction and we are getting more than 30 seconds.

    The application is basically displays a graphs with the data and when we click any of the graph the corresponding data will be highlighted and we are trying to caputure the response time for the entire trnasaction. This is more likely to be clicks on the application and there will be not be any data insertion from the user end.




  • Hi,

    It is hard to tell what is the bext end event that you should use to measure that.

    It sounds like the combination of Action Completed and Wait for Object is the best approach. You just need to wait for the right object that indicates that the operation really ended. 

    If the application is public I can help investigating that online



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