Finacle Performance Testing

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I am doing Finacle 10.2 (Product by Infosys) Pefromance testing. i am facing issue with the SSO (Single Sign On) enabled in this particular Version. here the request itself is dynamically generated. i am not sure how to capture the same.


If anybody has done performance testing for Finacle Please let me know.


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  • Are you saying that there is some form of client side functionality that is logging the user on dynamically, or perhaps they log on OK to one application but subsequent requests are cached on the client and you do not *see* the request in LR, and that because of this you are not able to run your scripts?


    If so, then think about this: What is SSO? Do you really need to test this? What I mean is, can you perhaps arrange to turn this functionality off and force manual logins for each separate application / session? After all, SSO is more of a user convinience thing and might not actually affect the actual request. For example, cookie based SSO will initiated a transparent login - now this is often not identical to a 'manual' authentication request but it is perhaps not far off.


    There are far too many variables here - but what is clear is that you need to understand your architecture and work out what you are trying to achieve and how you can best do that? Maybe turning off SSO and forcing manual logins will allow you to get what you need - maybe you need to code for the SSO request in your script to replace the client-side functionality.

  • Hi KP,


    currently I am doing performance testing of Finacle Application and I am able to bypass the SSO login using configuration file. But when I tried to record and reply the SVS module using load runner script in server logs I am getting User is not authorized to access the application. in request there not much data and also no dynamic values are there in the request.


    Could please help me with this. 




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  • Hello Tanaji,

    Can you please guide us how you bypass the SSO login for the finacle core application version 10.2 with using config file.

    We are also stuck the same situation with SSO.





  • Hi KP,

    Can you please let me know how did you bypass the SSO login part, and were you able to solve the issue.