Loadrunner 12.5 - Vugen issues a pop up box 'An unexpected error has occurred

Loadrunner 12.5 with IE 8.0. Http protocol.

VUgen acting very unpredicatably.  It would run a few times, then get stuck at one spot. I stop the script but it still keeps the script locked. I have to close out of VUgen and bring it back again. However, when I try to run the script again a pop up box shows up 'An unexpected error has occurred'. Nothing else. Cannot run the script any more.

Note: I also have been receiving errors about not finding result file path. Basically, vugen deleted previous result files but cannot create new ones. This also happens sometimes. Totally freaky. 

Anybody having similar issues? Any resolution? Thanks in advance.



  • Hi srshuja,

    1st of all - LR 12.50 supports IE 9,10 & 11 - not 8, so this is a start. please upgrade your IE on the machine and try again.

    additionaly, try instlaling Chrome or FireFox and see if you can record with them.

    but i would start with upgrading IE on the machine.

    Good luck,