Untrusted certificate validation while using using AJAX TruClient protocol


I am using ajax truclient protocol for firefox to script a scenario. At a particular step, firefox displays a message that says the following connection is untrusted. I need to expand the tab "I understand the risks", click on "Add Exception", which opens a popup on which I need to click on "Confirm Security Exception" to move forward. I need to do this manually every time the script replays. There is an option named "Permanently Store this Exception" but it is greyed out. All the steps till clicking on "Add Exception" can be automated, but truclient is not able to recognize the popup that opens up, hence I need to do the last step manually. Is there a workaround for this issue? I have attached a screenshot for reference. 


  • 1)Delete vugen.ini from the path C:\Program Files\HP\LoadRunner\config
    2)Create a new script using Mozilla Firefox for the application flow.
    3)Collect Cert_Override and Cert8 DB file from the new script path \Scripts\TruClientFirefox22\profiles\interactive
    4)Replace the old Cert8 and override files with the new ones in the script profiles\interactive folder and Firefox root folder
    5)Restart the machine
    6)Execute the script.


    Mohammed Hamed

  • Thanks for the response. I tried your solution and it works, but someone already posted a wrking solution a few minutes ahead of you. Unfortunately, I can accept only one solution, so I am accepting the first one. Sorry about that. 

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