Window or object is not displayed

Hello All,

I am using the following versions of load runner for POC . If it goes well we will use the tool for the load testing.

Load runner 12.53 community edition.

Oracle 12C Application using oracle NCP & Web/http protocol.

I am able to record it but while replaying I am getting error as Window or object is not displayed.

nca_java_action("23","WUC_REGISTER") failed, Window or object is not displayed for this line of code

nca_java_action("23", "WUC_REGISTER", "WUC_DATA_MULTIPART==1/1;WUC_DATA==WUI||Windows 7|x86|Administrator|;|\\|en;");

Please find the attached file for the script & replay logs.

Quick help is appreciated. Thanks a lot in advance.

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  • Hello Bsahu


    “Oracle 12C” you mentioned is Oracle’s data base, not the version of Oracle’s Forms server that was recorded by LR’s NCA Web protocol, (btw you mentioned “NCP” – I don’t know what is that).

    If you are taking about “Oracle NCA 12c” – protocol, the support for it was added only at latest LR version, that is being developed these days, it is not released yet.

    Please wait for new LR’s release or use previous NCA protocol.

    Thanks, Dmitry

  • Hello    Dmitry 


  • Hello Bsahu


    Here is a list of officially supported NCA Forms protocols versions by LR12.53:

    - Forms

    - Forms 6i

    - Forms 9i

    - Forms 10.1

    - Forms 11.1

    - Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2.4"


    In case it conforms the application used, but you still experiences the replay issues – please contact official HPE support, to open a ticket that will be processed by HPE’s technical people.


    Thanks, Dmitry