Encountering error in VuGen "Requested form not found" in extended replay but not in standard replay

I'm scratching my head at this.

I have a web/html protocol script that I created in VuGen. I correlated everything that I think needs to be correlated. When I replay the script with no log, standard log, or log with parameter substitution, the script passes and everything is successful (more or less).

When I enable extended log with "data returned from server" and replay, a web_submit_form constantly fails with the message "Error -27979: Requested form not found". I don't understand why this is happening -- it ONLY happens when I am trying to get an extended log with data. I am only using one user and one iteration with replay. I can give more details if needed.

Additional: I have increased the HTTP-request connect/receive/Keep-Alive timeout to 500 and Step Download timeout to 800. It did not fix it.