Oracle Forms Java applet not launched during replaying


Hope you can help me.

I've recorded a script using Loadrunner 12.02 and HTTPS Oracle NCA Protocols. Previously the administators allowed me to record object names, so at this point that is not a problem (I think).

The issue is that when I replay the script the java applet login is not launched. An error is returnet when I try to perform an action against an object on this non-loaded applet: Window or object is disabled

- While recording no similar issues have been detected.

- I've used "nca_get_top_window" to see which is the active windows and it returns null.

- I don't know if this is important, but no "ICX Ticket" is recorded in the responses (while recording, of course).

- I've correlated "jsessionId" (I don't know if it matters).

- No pop-up is launched (at least I haven't see it in the extended replay log)

Can you help me, please?

Best Regards.

  • Hello,


    It is common issue, mostly happens due some differences between record and replay, so I’d suggest to compare them carefully (recording and replay logs I mean, please switch them at fully extended mode before recording and replay). Besides that, if it possible for you – you can open official ticket for HP support.


    Thanks, Dmitry

  • Hi, 

    I have the same problem as MVC1, but with a variation:

    Right before the nca_connect_server sentence, Loadrunner adds this:



    static char const * DISPATCHER_CUSTOM_PROPERTY_ANSWER_TABLE[][3]= 
        {"try {OraFormsFaces.getLastStartedForm().id} catch (e) {\"JS_ERROR:\" e}/* f:re_fm_inicio.fmx ci: ti:*/||self||true", "1", "JS_ERROR:[object Error]"},
        { NULL, NULL, NULL }

    I don't really know what this means, but if I comment the sentence, I have the same issue as MVC1. If I let Loadrunner replay it, then it gets stuck at nca_connect_server and my pc has memory issues.

    I don't know if this sentence is important or not, please could you help?

    BTW I don't have ICX recorded either...


    Thanks in advance

  • Should be a simple fix,

    You need ICX ticket for forms. Re-record, it needs to be recorded. Your replay is never getting into the forms so it will show "error" instead of the correct window name, which will halt the recording.