Java not invoked for Oracle Forms 11g, IE11, Jre 1.8_66 in LR 11.52

When i launch the oracle forms 11g normally in IE 11, JRE 1.8_66 - It launches as expected and i am able to login.

But i am recording it with LR 11.52, using Oracle Web App 11i protocol, the forms are not launched and stuck on attached error. As this is customer provided system i can't disable the mentioned settings in IE.

Can i get some help please.


  • Hello Gaurish


    There are a plenty reasons why it goes wrong, in the way described.

    From short description provided, I see that you use pretty old LR 11.52 with modern JRE 1.8. This combination was not tested and could lead to a problem.

    I suggest to upgrade LR to latest version and try to record your application once again.


    Thanks, Dmitry