How to do a clean uninstall LoadRunner

Step by step for a clean uninstallation of LoadRunner before upgrading or re-installation 


1. Make sure that all running LoadRunner processes (including the Controller, VuGen, Analysis andthe LoadRunner Agent Process/Service) are not running.


2. Back up any existing scripts that may have been saved in the LoadRunner installation folder.(The scripts are sometimes saved in a "scripts" subdirectory under the LoadRunner installationfolder.)


3. Run the uninstall program from the LoadRunner / Service Test program group (or) use theWindows Add/Remove Programs from the Control Panel. If any prompt is given about removingshared files, remove all the shared DLLs that are reported as they are no longer in use. In the veryrare instance this causes a problem for some other application it may be necessary to reinstall thatother application. This is not generally a problem because every application should have registeredwhich DLLs it needs to run.


4. Reboot the machine after the Uninstall wizard is complete. This will complete the basic uninstallprocedure.


5. Delete all LoadRunner folders (including the ones in the Startup menu for the Agent Process).


6. Do a search for the following files and remove them from all locations -- they will be replaced during the reinstall.

a. wlrun.*

b. vugen.*


7. Open the registry editor (Start > Run > regedit).


8. Delete the following keys:



HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Mercury Interactive


9. Empty the Recycle Bin.


This is less or more information I can get. Please share if you have done some additional steps 



  • HI, I am also  having same issue when tried to uninstall loadrunner 12.05.

    why can't uninstall just clean up everything? where's the quality of uninstall program?

  • Hi,

    Quite a lof of user-defined configurations are being stored in various places within your environment while you're using LoadRunner (VuGen in particular). Some of the users would like to have these configurations preserved following the uninstallation, in case they subsequently reinstall or upgrade. Since we always guarantee 100% backwards compatibility with any previous LoadRunner version, we're not changing this behavior.