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i am trying to use "verify" action item in the ajax truclient script, is it possible to capture the value which only pops-up on the screen which has no UI interaction. help me with this once whether we can capture the pop-up with any option availble.

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  • Hi Sandeep,

    Your question is not very clear.

    What is the popup you would like to take data from? Is it an alert box, a new window or a JavaScript popup?

    When is this popup being opened? Is it as a result of a user operation or it is being triggered by the application itself? 

    Is it being opened in an unpredicable timing or predicable ones?




  • Hi 

    Its just show a sentence as user created successfully for an instance of time and disappears.

  • Hi,

    In that case I suggest using Wait for Object step. Place it after the step that triggers this dialog to appear. The step that triggers the dialog should have Action Completed as end event and you should consider enlarging the object timeout in the Wait for Object step to a higher value. 

    The reason for this configuration is in order to make sure TruClient does not hang on the step that triggers the dialog until all http responses are done. Waiting for all network activity to end might include also the time in which the JavaScript dialog appears and disappears.

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