Unable to record mobile protocol using 12.50V Vugen

we are trying to record a mobile application using HP-load runner. And getting below error messages.

Can you please suggest here.


Steps followed for mobile recording:-

  1. Installed proxy.cer on both laptop and device
  2. Configured same WI-FI on both laptop and device
  3. Configured WI-FI IP address to device


Error messages:-

[API Trapper      (1efc:1fec)] Recording in 32-bit mode: C:\Program Files (x86)\HP\LoadRunner\bin\HP.LR.ProxyRecorderStarter.exe

[Network Analyzer ( 4b4:2090)] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

[Network Analyzer ( 4b4:2090)] Load Network Traffic Analyzers:

[Network Analyzer ( 4b4:2090)]     Analyzer Module: WPLUS (value=)

[Network Analyzer ( 4b4:2090)]     Analyzer Module: WebBase (value=GetHttpProtocolAnalyzer:api_http_filter.dll)

[Network Analyzer ( 4b4:2090)]     Network Analyzer: api_http_filter.dll @ GetHttpProtocolAnalyzer Loaded!

[Network Analyzer ( 4b4:2090)]     Interception Auditors: WinInetWplusInterceptionAudit:api_http_filter.dll

[Network Analyzer ( 4b4:2090)]     Analyzer Module: Mobile (value=GetWebSocketProtocolAnalyzer:WebSocketAnalyzer.dll)

[Network Analyzer ( 4b4:2090)]     Network Analyzer: WebSocketAnalyzer.dll @ GetWebSocketProtocolAnalyzer Loaded!

[Network Analyzer ( 4b4:2090)]     Analyzer Module: local_server (value=)

[Network Analyzer ( 4b4:2090)] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

[Proxy Recording  ( 4b4:2090)] Started proxy on port 8080 in synchronous mode

[Proxy Recording  ( 4b4:2354)] Client request from @

[Proxy Recording.Error ( 4b4:1224)] Cannot establish a secure connection to the client, message=A call to SSPI failed, see inner exception.


Can you please suggest here.


Note: I followed 100% steps as mentioned below.



  • Hi 

    SSPI related messages are usually related to security & permission issues.

    I suggest the following:

    • Verify you are running Vugen as an Administrator (i.e. right click -> Run As Administrator)
    • Verify there is no FW rule that is preventing outbound access from the Vugen machine
    • Try recording a different application and see that recording works
    • If that also fails, and you are running on an Android OS, consider using tPacketCapture application to create a pcap file and convert it later on to a Vugen script.

    Good Luck,


  • Thanks for your time to reply. 

    I tried running as admin and I am getting an error message

    "exception is caught during proxy start, message=Only one usage of each socket address (protocol/network address/port) is normally permitted"


    Currently, I am trying to record in fiddler. Still not able to record the same. 

    Device:- IOS