Truclient Firefox Certificate Issues

Hi all,

I'm having issues with 3 scripts I've recorded with regard to login security certificates that arent been stored in the script. When I record and playback it works fine. But if I logoff and reboot my machine, or try and run from home the cert isnt found/recognised and script fails at that point. i've seen this int he past and the work around was to re-record the login and copy the cert-override.txt from new script to the old one. I've tried that and the cert.db file too, and even the user.js file but still not working.  Also, tried attaching the certificate to the script (cc.pfx is created), and that didnt work.

Is there any way around this? I need these scripts for testing next week and am really caught between a rock and a hard place! Even re-recording them I face same issue if I run them from home!

i'm using Vugen 12.5.

Any ideas please???