JS files does not load on TruClient browsers

Hello Team,

I’m trying to record a TruClient script for a customer. Their website seems to work perfectly on all the browsers [Chrome, Firefox and IE]. But when I try to develop the script using TruClient, the page that loads some java script files from an external source doesn’t work and what happens to be a scheduler doesn’t get generated. [Screenshot below]. I even checked the console log, it says the JS files couldn’t be loaded, it is considering the files as insecure content as they are using HTTP instead of HTTPS.

Could you please suggest me a work around for this.


Scheduler works on browsersScheduler does not load on TruClient IDEConsole log snapshot

  • Hi,

    Can you please check if the scheduler opens in Firefox in private browsing? TruClient runs the browser in private browsing and might affect the application.

    Can you copy the Firefox folder from LoadRunner bin folder to C:\Temp, run firefox from C:\temp and check if the scheduler is loaded correctly? I'd like to check if the issue is with the firefox version TruClient is working with or something related to TruClient itself



  • Hello Shlomi,

    I tried your solution, copied the firefox folder to C:/Temp and tried opening the website, but it did not load, the problem still persists. I did the same with Chromium and still no luck. But it works fine on the browsers installed on my computer. 

    But I did see a notification on firefox, it says it has prevented the outdated plugin "Adobe Flash". [Screenshot below].

    Plugin Prevented


  • Hello,

    The steps i have requested to perform are not a possible solution, it is just troubleshooting steps.

    The fact that the application is not loaded in the browser version that LoadRunner dittributes regardless to TruClient indicates that either the application is not supported in that browser version or the issue happens because of the Adobe Flash control which is not supported by TruClient. TruClient supports only pure web based applications.

    The fact it works in your local browser version is thanks to the fact it is a newer browser version and becuase the firefox/chrome profile the running is running with is configured to allow Flash.