Not able to execute more then 2 users per script in LR Controller


i am currently trying to load test a web application using LR 12.53 installed on windows 2012 server.

I am using simple script that loggs in waits and loggs out,

i noticed that only the 2 first users, out of 10 assigned are able to login, while the rest fail, i tried to run 2 scenarios and again, only 2 first users in each scenario (total 4) are able to login.

The AUT is the new HP service manager we are planning to upgrade in our company.

Does anyone has any idea what can the problem be?

Thanks in advance for any input.....   

  • Hi

    First of all - can you share a screen shot of the error messages you are seeing in Controller?

    which protocol did you record the script in? if in web protocol, did you correlate all needed parameters? did you parametrise the user name and password accordingly? 

    If you are using TruClient, which browser are you running? perhaps your application is compatible with a different browser than what is chosed in the Run Time settings? perhaps system resources are not enough?

    does it run well in Vugen for several iterations?

    Let us know,