Vugen 12.50 regenerate script causes system.accessViolationException

I am trying to regenerate a script in 12.50 from C to JS and vugen crashes out with the system.accessViolationException error. I have uninstalled and reinstalled twice so far and cannot get past this issue. If I regenerate using C it works fine.

Any ideas what is wrong with the install?



  • Hello nhope,

    Can you share the script with us?


    Thank you,


  • I can't really share the scripts as they are being used on applications our business is developing.

    I have tried to record two completely independent applications. The scripts work when they are recorded in C. They work if they are recorded in JS. I can convert from JS to C but not from C to JS. The scripts have no added web.regSaveParams or any custom code. The scripts recorded in C work in version 12 and 12.50. The issue is definately when converting from C to JS. On the attached image on my 1st post LR seems to be referencing an 'e:' drive but it should all be working from 'c:'. I assume the issue is a configuration problem rather than a script issue.