load runner controller (wlrun.exe) crashes

When i create a senario of a vugen truclient web script and let it run with 3 users it will crash controller.

i get :

Problem signature:

  Problem Event Name:                      BEX

  Application Name:                           Wlrun.exe

  Application Version:              

  Application Timestamp:                  55b4ae81

  Fault Module Name:                        trans_ext.dll

  Fault Module Version:           

  Fault Module Timestamp:               55b4abb8

  Exception Offset:                              00008d44

  Exception Code:                               c0000409

  Exception Data:                                00000000

  OS Version:                                       6.1.7601.

  Locale ID:                                          1033

  Additional Information 1:                b19e

  Additional Information 2:                b19ed3314981ba0cd22900c71d63cabc

  Additional Information 3:                632f

  Additional Information 4:                632fc979bb975c8ef2a94c252de25bbf


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DEP is AlwaysOff

UAC is off

user is local admin

script logs in, logs out nothing more

Any suggestions?

I use community ed 12.50


  • Hello,

    Crash info is not informative enough to find reason of crash.

    There are 3 possible ways to resolve this issue. I'm not sure which one resolve it.

    1. Try to suppress issue by switching OFF DEP for module crashed to BEX.

    - Right click on ‘My Computer’.
    - Go to ‘Properties’.
    - Click on ‘Advanced system settings’.

    - Under ‘Performance’ group, click ‘Settings’.
    - Click the “Data Execution Prevention’ tab.

    - Click ‘Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select’.
    - Click Add, browse to the executable file for the program (generally “C:\Program Files (x86)\HP\LoadRunner\bin\Wlrun.exe”) and add it.

    2. Modify script content, trying to find which property of script is reason of crash:

    - Try to play other type of scripts, TrueClinet or not;

    - Try to comment some parts of problematic script and then play it.

    This may show you a reason of problem. It may be type of script or specific command or group of commands. As result you may find workaround of problem or prove that Controller can’t play any type of script.

    3. Ask Support to create support case and escalate it to R&D. Escalated support case should contain full crash dump of Wlrun. exe. Please ask Support for help if you needed it to create crash dump.

  • thx.

    1. did already a bcdedit /set nx AlwaysOff... so dep is off. :)

    2. will try that, but simple http google script that searches a simple string in google also crashed 

    3. did this already. :)

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