Japanese Character Encoding issues



When trying to script Japanese sites I have numerous issues with encoded Japanese text. 


For the Encoding Options that I select I get the below outputs: 

1) When no charset support - unable to text check Japanese words, unable to correlate or parametrize Japanese. The data passed to/from servers appears as garbled japanese/chinese encoded somehow.


2) When using UTF-8 - Almost similar as above, but this allows for text checks in Japanese.


3) When using EUC-JP - this simply doesnt work at all, the text checks dont work, even when they are the page titles generated during recording. 


I tried on various versions of LR namely; LR 11.50, 11.52, 12.02

OS:  All on Win 7 (Both Japanse and English localizsed Windows versions are the same)

Prtocol: WebProtocol.


Also noticed that when I record a script it will work, the encoded text gets passed as correct Japanese, but when I try to "save as" it will suddenly stop working. (the encoded data looks the same, further if I compared the files they are the same)


Also when i try to rename the Action that was used for recording; the text checks that were in readable Japanese becomes garbled encoded text, and eventually script stops working.


Any help is greatly appreciated....